Books And Bullets

Reading is and always will be, my number one past time. There’s just something incredible about the number of unique stories we are capable of creating, the number of intricate worlds and characters there are. Books can help us through rough times, they can provide comfort, cure boredom, expand minds, in short, books are awesome!!!

Earlier this year when I ventured into Half Price Books I realized, I don’t actually need anymore books. My bookshelves are overflowing and there are so many that I’ve never even opened!! For instance, The Hobbit has been sitting, wrapped in packaging, for almost 10 years!!! I resolved to stop buying books and read every damn book in my home. (After all the books I bought that day of course).

Bullet Journaling has been one of the greatest, unexpected, resources for this task. First up we have my bookshelves with all my unread books. I love these because watching them get filled up and colored in gives a sense of accomplishment. I think visual accomplishments are just as important as check-box-lists. Plus it’s just fun to make!

Next up we have my detailed reading list.

This one I made recently just to hold myself more accountable. I listed all the books I still have to read and divided them into three color coded categories: easy-read, moderate, and long-read. I also have the page length listed, book genres, and a generalization of the different genres on the bottom. 

There’s also a spot for the start and end dates, a check box when done, and a spot for my rating. I love these pages because it makes it easier for me to plan ahead and remember how I liked certain novels for future recommendations. This page is helping me so much in deciding what to read and when, especially since some of them are ridiculously long and I have to make sure I have the appropriate time before starting!

Lastly we have my wishlist. These are all the bosom I can’t wait to buy after I finish my reading challenge!!! It’s going to be an expensive week.

I’m thinking of adding a savings log for my wishlist, so that I can set aside some money now for a giant book shopping spree!📚📚

Any suggestings to add to my list? How do you track your reading habits?? I’d love to see!!


Author: bujoowl

When I'm not busy trying to figure out how to be an adult, I'm either reading or adding something new to my long list of hobbies I've attempted.

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